Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stomach Flu VS Stitches

Sooo ... I managed to pick up a nasty little flu virus a mere 8 weeks after having one entire side of my tummy sewn up with surgical staples ... nice.

I will say that I was pretty scared for a little bit, but I am happy to report I have remained intact in all the important inward-organ-type-places. This flu is a nasty bitch, too. My entire family has had it. It seems to take about 5 - 6 days before it starts to buzz off. I was down for the count on Tuesday ... so incredibly sick, I wanted hubs to smother me ... but he was still too weak to get a good seal on the pillow.

On the up side, I lost 5 pounds! Rough way to do it, but hell - I'll take what I can get!! So ... that brings my grand total to 61 lbs lost!! Gimme a WOOT WOOT!! 

I can safely say at this stage that it is getting noticeable. I put on a pair of pants yesterday (to come into work) that were actually very tight before surgery ... and they were actually dragging on the floor, they are now so loose. Wild, no? They looked horrid, but then - so did I yesterday. I was still really feeling nastified. Today, I am wearing dress pants I haven't had on in close to a year ... and they are LOOSE! 

I haven't done my measurements in a while, and will likely do so on the weekend ... I'm starting to get that Shar pei dog look - lots of loose skin, but the fat is going. (Next stop ... $10K on tummy tuck surgery ... sorry Hubs ... no new cars for a while)

Anyhoo ... my camera is finally working again and I guess I will soon have to start posting pics ... if for no reason other than for posterity. 

I suppose I should go and try to locate some soup or something for sustenance ... I haven't really eaten anything for about 72 hours. This virus means business ... I try to eat, but I just can't do it. Next, I'll be in a stall because my body has gone into starvation mode ... then I'll be pissed!

Hope everyone else is avoiding the plague.

Happy Thursday!!

PS - I FINALLY got money from Employment Insurance ... Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y!! Nearly NINE weeks later ... UNCOOL, EI ... UNCOOL!


Steve Finnell said...

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brite said...

And hurrah for EI finally sending you some dough, now that you're back to work and all pffffffffft.
Keep with your plan Dani's gonna be an awesome year!

Amethyst Anne said...

Thank Steve (GOD)that you finally got your pogey cheque!! Blasted government sure know how to take their time.
Boo to the flu! YEAH to major poundage gone! You should totally record your progress, that way if you are ever having a bad day- you can look back at all you have accomplished!

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