Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Theme Song

K - so I love Katy Perry ... I keep denying it, but every song she comes out with, I love. Her latest, Firework came on in the car this morning while I was driving to work and I listened a little closer to the words. I have now declared this my theme song for 2011.

I have included the music and lyrics for your listening pleasure ... one thing, the line that says:
"Like a lightening bolt, your heart will GLOW" - not blow ... d'uh...

What's your theme song for this year?


brite said...

Brilliant lyrics for a theme song, but I have to admit I turned the sound off because I cannot stand autotune (or Katy Perry really). But I encourage you to take her sentiments to heart Dani....and blow them all away!

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