Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 Weeks out ...

So - I have made it to the 5 week mark after surgery.

I am eating actual food - which is good ... though my ability to eat much of anything is stunted considerably (I suppose that really is the point). I am thrilled to report that as of yesterday afternoon, I have hit the 50 pound mark!!

That's right, boys and girls - I am officially 50 pounds lighter than I was at Halloween this year! That is 2 pounds heavier than my (nearly) 6 year old daughter - and I can scarcely lift her ... it's bizarre to put it into those terms.

A few things I have learned are that first and foremost, I detest exercising just for the sake of exercising ... what a colassal waste of time that seems to be. I know - I know ... I have to do it, but I would far sooner tear around the house doing the magnitude of work that seems magically to appear - as if out of thin air. I still do not have enough hours in the day to do what must be done - even now that I have been off for nearly 6 weeks! Canada's Employment Insurance program has no concept of reality - absolutely none ... if they did, they would not screw with people's lives the way that they do. Here I am on my SIXTH week off and still, I have received NO MONEY! How the hell are people supposed to survive waiting this kind of time to be paid for an approved claim? At this rate, I will be back to work before I get any damned money from them - that is just not right. I mean, really - what am I supposed to do, tell my kids "oh sorry, girls ... Santa can't come this year because Mommy had 3/4 of her gut removed"? Butt Munchers!

Other than money, life is pretty good. I was able to borrow enough to get Christmas together (as best as possible) ... luckily, we have been warning the girls that since their behaviour has been spotty at best, that they best prepare themselves for a reduction in loot. I know this sounds harsh, but from this parent's perspective it's called making the most of a shitty situation ... they are getting less regardless, might as well serve some purpose - right? No worries, they'll still get plenty to open ... just less than last year is all - the whole present thing has gotten outta hand anyway.

Anyhoo - I must go and get some house work done ... we are at 4 sleeps and counting. 

Merry Christmas to you all! Take good care.

D - out


brite said...

Congrats on hitting the 50 mark! And good that you can eat some food now! I wish we could get together to do the exercising thing...I can't make myself do it when it's just me, but give me a partner and I get a little...obsessed.
I wish you, the Hub, and your two best girls a most happy and wonderful Christmas!
PS. Try to stay dry what with all that rainin and stormin that's been going on back east there!

Amethyst Anne said...

D- Whoot on the 50 mark!! I am unbelievably in awe of you.
I will be toasting you this holiday season my friend.
All my best to all of yours!

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